Purple Urkle is one of the most famous Indicas around. The THC content in this strain often exceeds 20%, making it both fun for recreational marijuana consumers and a quality medical strain. Expect to feel heavy-lidded and ready for a nap.

Purple Urkle Experience

Though marijuana enthusiasts will know Purple Urkle as one of the more famous Indica strains, not much is known about its genetics. Many believe that it’s a product of Mendocino Purps, but it might be a phenotype of Granddaddy Purple instead. Regardless, we do know that this strain is a California creation.

The effects of this strain are pretty classic Indica. It is best for evening or nighttime use. Purple Urkle is known for its strong, heavy body effects. A sedative herb, you may enjoy taking a little nap or winding down on the couch after a few puffs. Those hoping for relief from chronic pain may find success with Purple Urkle.

For recreational purposes, this strain is all mellow. It’s pretty high in THC (around 20%), making it a nice choice for those familiar with cannabis. Purple Urkle is amazing before a hot shower or bath, especially if you live in a cold climate. An excellent way to de-stress.

Traits of Purple Urkle and Purple Urkle Seeds

Living up to its purple name, nugs of this strain are grape colored with long orange pistils coursing throughout. Like other Indica strain, the nugs and bushier and thick, but quite short in stature.

Unlike some strains whose purple coloring is merely aesthetic (we’re looking at you Bubba Kush) this strain has the aroma of berry and fruits, even if it is hidden behind some skunky smells. Marijuana connoisseurs will also notice tropical fruit and even fruity pebbles smells once this strain is burned. These scents are mirrored in Purple Urkle’s flavor profile, which is dominated by berry and fruit tastes that will have cannabis consumers coming back for more. Be warned though, it only takes a hit or two for this strain to reveal its potent punch.

Medical Benefits of Purple Urkle

With THC levels sometimes reaching as high as 26% and some heavy Indica effects, this strain is a favorite amongst the medical marijuana community.

    • Medical consumers like this strain for gastrointestinal distress and nausea
    • While it eases a queasy stomach, it also increases appetite
    • Those who struggle with nervous stomach associated with anxiety may enjoy this strain
    • Those with insomnia, headaches, and migraines also report positive effects from Purple Urkle