Indica is one of the two primary types of cannabis plants. Unlike sativa, indica creates a relaxed,  effect often described as a “body” high. By educating themselves about the differences between indica and sativa, consumers are better able to customize their high.

Blue Cheese Strain Info:

Blue Cheese hybrid Indica strain was originated in Europe by crossing UK Cheese and Blueberry strains. Moreover, the THC level of this strain goes more than 20%. This plant is favored in the medical cannabis community because of its ability to help soothe many mental and physical ailments and pains

To fully understand marijuana strains, it helps to know a little history. The name “indica” first came from Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French naturalist. Because the indica body high can be quite intense, it’s advised for those who are inexperienced with marijuana to be cautious when consuming indica marijuana strains.